Our Program

Our program is based on the need for DCS Instructor to be able to teach his student to teach the ow course in the classroom and in the pool at an instructor level, as they may want to become instructor later on.

In addition to the programs taught by active status Divemaster Instructors, active status Dive Control Specialist
Instructor/Assistant Instructor Trainers may teach, supervise and issue certifications for the following programs:
Dive Control Specialist/Assistant Instructor.

Active status Dive Control Specialist Instructor/Assistant Instructor Trainers may also:
Assist an Instructor Trainer in conducting all SSI Instructor-level programs.

Include in this program

This program can be done on 7-10 days (depends on your needs)

We focus on your needs, explain how to be sure that your teaching meets the requirements of the Instructor Certifiers/ Examiners when your students will attend the Instructor Examination.

You don't want that they need to be retained by their Instructor Trainer during the ITC.

Of course the water skills can differ from trainer to trainer but the academic presentation not.

Passing Requirements

3 Academic Presentations - Microteaching with topics from the Open Water Diver program with a minimum score of 45 Points each.

2 Academic Presentations with topics from the Dive Control Specialist program with a minimum score of 36 Points each.

1 Skill Workshop of all Skills from the Skills Evaluation Slate with an average score of 2.5 for all skills.

3 Pool/Confined Water Presentations with skills from the Open Water Diver program with a minimum score of 40 Points each.

Professional Education with a Passing Score of 30 Points.

Dive Control Specialist Final Exam with a passing score of 90%.

Instructor Speciality Packages

You can choose between all this specialties to make your 5,10,15 pack or take all to do the 20PACK

Deep, Night, Waves/Tide/Current, Science Of Diving, Wreck, Photo/Video, Independent Diver, Search&Recover, Computer, Navigation, Coral ID, Turtle ID, Shark ID, Fish ID, Marine Ecology, Equipment Techniques, Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy and Stress And Rescue.

Instructor +5PACK or Instructor +10PACK or Instructor +15PACK or Instructor

+20PACK (all of it include React Right Instructor)


Instructor training course is only taught by SSI Headquarter few date per year all around the world.


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